New Beach Installation

Michigan Beach Installation

A custom private beach adds a whole new dimension to waterfront homes in Michigan! Not only do they give you a soft and luxurious place to grab a tan, they also offer a multitude of waterfront benefits that will put your lake front home on the map for extensive fun during the hottest months of summer!

Landside beaches are fantastic for entertaining, relaxing and just plain raising the bar for enjoyment of your lakefront home while (underwater) waterside beaches permanently eliminate muck and weeds, providing a soft and stable lake bottom for swimming, playing, docks, and more!

TT&C Beaches has been in the business of building beaches in Michigan for over 20 years! We have extensive knowledge and experience in designing and building beaches that are both beautiful and long lasting. Using only the finest Michigan sands, we will create the lake side space of your dreams in a single day thanks to our patented Sand Pro System!

Every beach we install comes with a full 3 year warranty so you can rest assured your investment will be protected in the event of any issues after installation!

Benefits Of A Beach

  • Great place to entertain family and friends
  • A stable lake bottom to put on your skis, wakeboards, or get on a tube
  • awesome fishing area for kids (and adults)
  • Sandy spot for volleyball and more
  • A sandy spot to relax, read a book, or catch a tan
  • Stable lake bottom to easily perform maintenance on watercraft
  • Dock and hoist installation made easy on a stable lake bottom.
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