Our Warranty

A 3 Year Warranty On Every Beach!

Customer satisfaction is one of the most important aspects of our business. We want you to be thrilled with your new or renovated beach and confident that it will continue to be great for years to come. For this reason we have included a limited 3 year warrant for ALL of our waterfront and beach restoration work! If any of the issues covered under this warranty do not 100% meet your expectations, we promise to be onsite in a timely manner and to make any corrections needed until you are fully satisfied with the work.

What’s Covered

  • All defects in materials and/or workmanship
  • TYPAR geo-textiel fabric: against rupturing, rot, or separation
  • The growth of vegetation through the geo-textile fabric
  • The constructed sand bottom to remain stable
  • The sand bottom against organic contamination from the sub-soil passing through the fabric
  • No site disturbance of property
  • That the newly constructed sand bottom will maintain a minimum depth of 6″ over the geo-textile fabric

What’s NOT covered

  • The influx or build-up of silt and other debris on the beach
  • The transplanting or encroachment of vegetation onto the beach
  • The portion of the geo-textile fabric left exposed to direct sunlight
  • The erosion or loss of sand in the upland beach and from the shoreline out into the lake to a depth of 12″ (at seasonal low lake level, uless otherwise guaranteed in writing)