Small Shoreline Beach Sanding Job on Maceday Lake in Waterford, MI

Not all of our jobs are completely in the water. In fact, sometimes prospective clients contact us to create and install a small, private shoreline beach for their waterfront property. A smooth transition from lawn to lake, beach sanding can add both functional value and eye-pleasing aesthetics to your lakefront home.

This particular job was quick, yet extremely satisfying. We completed the job from start to finish in just a few hours, using nothing but our dump truck full of mason sand, power carts (essentially a power-assisted wheelbarrow), shovels and rakes. Mason sand is a very fine grain sand that we primarily use for all of our beach sanding jobs. It is both eco-friendly and free of contaminants, making it a safe choice for sand activities as well as helping to balance the local ecosystem. Additionally, mason sand has good drainage, which means it holds onto less water when compared to other sands, so that your beach isn’t riddled with those unsightly mud puddles.

beach sand being loaded into a powercart for swift delivery to the shoreline.

When we arrived at the jobsite on Maceday Lake in Waterford Township, we assessed the area and began to carve out with our shovels where the beach would gradually dip from the lawn into the water. In total, this area ended up being about 300 square feet. Our client had a luscious lawn, which of course we did not want to disturb, so using our trusty power carts, we made several trips back and forth from the dump truck to the waterfront with loads of sand, spreading it out evenly using rakes in the newly-installed beach area.

After a couple of hours of diligent work, many cartloads of mason sand, and lots of raking, we eventually had a beautiful shoreline beach for our client’s backyard! As avid kayakers, our client was thrilled to have a safe and functional place to transition from land to water, not to mention a great place to relax during those warm, summer months.

If you’re looking for a company to spruce up your waterfront property, install a private beach, or stabilize your current beach’s lake bottom, look no further. At TT&C Beaches, we pride ourselves in professionalism, hard work, and customer service, not settling until the job is complete and both our team and our clients are 100% satisfied. Even in the off-season, we would be happy to assess your property and give you a free beach consultation to help make your shoreline beach dreams come true. Please do not hesitate to contact us today! 

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