A Beach Sanding Makeover on Cedar Lake In West Branch MI

Lake house on Cedar Lake in West Branch Michigan.

This summer, our company undertook a beach sanding project for a residential client on Cedar Lake, located near West Branch, MI. The job itself was approximately 800 square feet in total, and took us about two and a half hours to complete thanks to the use of our Sand Pro System. More on that later.

Our client resided on a small, private lake with picturesque trees and landscaping decorating the shoreline. Both serene and beautiful, this client wished to make better use of their lakefront property and dock for water activities such as swimming and fishing. Due to the small nature of this lake, the property’s lake area was very shallow, which presented some unique challenges for our crew. However, with careful planning, specialized equipment, and adherence to state regulations, we were ultimately able to enhance the beach’s natural aesthetics and usability for our client. 

hoses running from the Sand Pro system parked on the street, all the way down to the water side beach we were sanding. The red hose carries the sand while the blue pumps in water.

Aside from the obvious beach sand and peastone mixture, other materials and equipment we needed to utilize for this job were the Sand Pro System, hoses, and our trusty dump truck to transport the materials. As with all of our jobs, our vehicles never crossed the lawn or property of the client. Instead, our lengthy hoses extended from the truck down to the waterfront to allow us to complete our job with no disruption to the property’s landscaping whatsoever. This is a distinctive feature of TT&C Beaches, as most company’s would require machinery to cross the customer’s lawn several times, hauling load after load of sand and other heavy materials. The unique thing about our system, which makes it very desirable, is our state-of-the-art solution which allows us to completely restore a beach without disturbing the surrounding property.

To learn more about the types of sand used in the beach sanding and install process check out our post here.

raking out the new sand from the beach sanding beast, The Sand Pro system!

Once we arrived at the job site with our dump truck full of materials, we began loading beach sand into the Sand Pro System. From there, we extended the hoses down to the waterfront and began pumping water out of the lake and back into the mixing container of the Sand Pro System. A slurry was formed in the container and then quickly and efficiently redistributed back down to the waterfront via separate hoses. Our crew was in the water waiting to evenly distribute and spread out the sandy slurry on the lake bottom to create the sturdy, secure and muck-free lake bottom every waterfront homeowner desires.

As previously mentioned, the challenge of this beach sanding job (versus previous beach sanding jobs we’ve done) was the shallow nature of this lake. Therefore, our team had to work quickly and efficiently to rapidly pump the water out so that muck wouldn’t squirt out. We had to do this fairly swiftly, because as you can see, a lot of the beach was out of the water. Nevertheless, we managed to complete the job and create a comfortable and inviting space for the homeowners to enjoy. 

final steps of the beach sanding project on Cedar Lake in West Branch MI.

Creating and restoring beautiful beaches and sturdy, functional lake bottoms is our passion – so much so that we patented our process with the Sand Pro System! If you’re interested in how we can help make your waterfront dreams come true, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free evaluation. 

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