A Stable Water Side Beach Sanding on Long Lake in Cheboygan MI

For a truly “up north” experience, many Michiganders frequent Cheboygan, a beautiful lake town located on Lake Huron at the mouth of the Cheboygan River at the very top of Michigan’s “mitten”. Our most recent job was a water side beach sanding project on Long Lake, a smaller lake situated between the well-known Mullet and Black Lakes in Cheboygan County that is popular for swimmers, fishers, and water enthusiasts alike.

When we arrived at the jobsite, we were able to see that our customer had a long, gravel driveway extending from the street down to the lake. Using our SandPro System, we easily extended our hoses down this path and access the lake without disturbing any of our client’s landscaping. This was a pleasant surprise, as sometimes we’ve had to get creative with our hose extensions over different terrains and landscapes. At TT&C Beaches, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide services to our customers with no vehicles ever having to cross your lawn, meaning there is very minimal disruption to the surrounding property. Only wheelbarrows, carts, hoses, and our hard working crew will ever cross your landscape! 

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We surveyed the job site and calculated the sand needed for the in-water beach that would cover approximately 800 square feet in total. After sectioning off the area with stakes and cutting the landscape fabric to size, we began to extend the red and blue hoses from the SandPro System down to the water’s edge. The blue hoses pump water out of the lake and transport it back into the mixing container on the Sand Pro System truck. In doing this, we create a slurry mix with lake water and sand, which is then pumped back down to the lake via the red hoses. Our crew awaits this new sand, and begins to pump and spread it evenly across the sectioned off in-water beach area in order to create a stable lake bottom. The major (and obvious) advantage of this is that it creates a sturdy underfooting, making water activities more comfortable and enjoyable. However, the thick filter fabric that is laid down as a foundation also helps prevent weed growth and muck.

TT&C Beaches, a leading provider in beach installation and maintenance services, can make your waterfront property dreams come true in a single visit. Known as “Beach in a Day”, you can expect quick and efficient services from our team of professionals from start to finish. Specializing in marine preservation and aesthetic enhancement, we use proprietary equipment which causes little disturbance to your existing property and gets the job done. Summer is here, and we can’t wait to hear from you

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