A Beach Sanding on Wiggins Lake in Gladwin, MI

2 workers beach sanding a waterside swim area in Gladwin MI.

Nestled amongst the beautiful, natural scenery of Gladwin, MI is Wiggins Lake, a 295 acre all-sports lake situated just minutes from state land that attracts hunters, adventurists, and hikers alike. This lake is the perfect combination of the “up north” and “small town Michigan” feel, and where one of our beach sanding jobs took place last summer!

What is Beach Sanding and Why is it Important?

unrolling the hoses for the Sandpro system in preparation of a private beach installation on Wiggins lake in Gladwin MI.

Private beach sanding, or beach installation,  is perhaps our most popular service at TT&C Beaches. As many waterfront homes in Michigan are riddled with unpleasant muck and weeds, our customers typically contact us for weed and muck removal first, and then to construct a stable lake bottom for their many water activities. After removing weeds and muck, we lay a geotextile fabric along the bottom of the lake and pump a sand/water slurry mixture on top of it to create a sturdy base underfoot. Using our proprietary SandPro System as well as other muck mitigation techniques, we are able to provide our clients with a sturdy, stable lake bottom within a matter of hours, and without ever having any heavy machinery cross their landscaping. Aside from the obvious benefit of not sinking into the muck when engaging in water sports such as swimming and experiencing the unpleasant sensation of muck and weeds on your toes, there are actually many other benefits to having a stable lake bottom such as improved water quality and clarity due to a significant reduction in particulate matter in the lake. 

Setting up the Sand Pro system and starting the flow of beige gold down to the waterfront to install the new beach.

Upon arriving at our jobsite on Wiggins Lake, we surveyed the property and mapped out the perimeter and area of the in-water job, which ended up being about 800 square feet. We cut and laid the geotextile landscaping fabric along the lake bottom, and extended the red and blue hoses from the SandPro System on the street down to the waterfront. Our dump truck full of sand was strategically parked allowing easy access for the pumps to be extended down to the waterfront without disturbing the homeowner’s lawn or landscaping. This is perhaps what makes our company so unique and appealing – the SandPro System avoids the use of heavy machinery on the property, ensuring an undisturbed landscape and a time-efficient job completion from start to finish! 

The transformation began as we started pumping the sand/water slurry mixture onto the geotextile fabric. The slurry, which contains a perfect mix of sand and water, spreads evenly across the lake bottom, creating a smooth and firm surface. This process, while seemingly simple, requires precision and expertise to ensure the sand layer is consistent and compacted properly. Our team, experienced in handling such installations, worked diligently, ensuring every inch of the designated area was covered uniformly.

The end result, achieved in just over 3 hours, boasts a clean and sandy bottom perfect for swimming, playing, and lounging by the water. The homeowners were thrilled with their new and improved beach area, which enhanced the visual appeal of their waterfront but also contributed to better water quality and a more enjoyable overall lake experience!

panned view of Wiggins lake in Gladwin MI with our workers diligently beach sanding the waterside area for a stable and safe sandy bottom beach with no muck.

Why Choose TT&C Beaches?

Beach sanding is more than just a cosmetic upgrade; it’s an investment in the health and usability of your lakefront property. At TT&C Beaches, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality beach installations that stand the test of time. Whether you’re looking to create a new beach area or restore an existing one, our team has the expertise and equipment to make your vision a reality.

If you’re interested in learning more about our beach sanding services or would like to schedule a consultation, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to helping you transform your waterfront into a beautiful and functional space for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

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