Transforming Long Lake: A Beach Sanding Success Story in Oxford, Michigan

The Sand Pro system parked along side the street getting ready to add sand to a Long Lake beach in Oxford Michigan.

With the warmer weather just around the corner, we’re reminiscing about summer and the many beach sanding jobs that our team completed in 2023. One of these includes an 800 square foot beach sanding project for a client on Long Lake in the city of Oxford, MI. Long Lake is actually part of the Stringy Lakes chain, which get their name from the long, skinny nature of these many interconnected lakes (Squaw Lake, Tan Lake, Cedar Lake, Clear Lake, and Spring Lake).  

Let’s delve into the details of this remarkable endeavor and the transformative impact it had on our customer’s shoreline!

The very first thing we noticed about this job was the accessibility. Typically, many of our clients reside on narrow streets, making it a bit of a challenge for dump trucks and our SandPro System truck to access without completely impeding the flow of traffic. The nice thing about this location was the width of the street. It allowed not only for our trucks to be parked near the property, but also allowed for neighbors and locals to access their properties as well. It’s always a bonus when you don’t have to inconvenience the neighbors! Although the job was fairly straightforward and only took us about four hours, we appreciated this feature nonetheless.

beginning the beach installation and sanding process. All hoses hooked up to water and Sand Pro!

Upon arrival, we set up our proprietary Sand Pro System, a state-of-the-art solution that allows us to pump a slurry of sand and water to the jobsite without disturbing the surrounding property. First, we arrive with a truckload of Mason sand, and begin the process of loading this sand into the SandPro System. The blue hoses are extended down to the customer’s waterfront and begin pumping water from the lake back to the SandPro’s mixing container to create a slurry mix. Then, using the red hoses, the slurry is deposited back into the designated area in the lake, atop the geo-textile fabric barrier, to create a sturdy lake bottom.

The Benefits of Having a Stable Lake Bottom

Many beachfront homes in Michigan contain materials such as unpleasant muck and weeds. Furthermore, they lack the stability and firmness underfoot when being utilized for recreation such as swimming and other water sports. Therefore it is extremely beneficial to have a stable lake bottom, which TT&C Beaches provides using the SandPro System as well as other muck mitigation techniques including a geo-textile landscape fabric which is laid over the bottom of the sectioned out beach area to create a barrier for weeds, and so that we can pump our slurry over top of it. A stable lake bottom also has other benefits, such as improved water clarity and quality, as it significantly reduces particulate matter in the water. 

The Benefits of Using Our SandPro System

Perhaps the #1 advantage to our proprietary SandPro System is the fact that there are never any heavy machines or vehicles crossing your lawn or landscaping and

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