Revitalizing Lakefront Beauty: Beach Makeover at Lake Diane

installing beach sand onto a new beach on Lake Diane in Camden, MI.

Nestled in the city of Camden, Michigan, Lake Diane is a picturesque gem, with its tranquil waters and stunning greenery. Recently, a client sought to enhance their waterfront property by partnering with us on a beach sanding project. Naturally, we undertook the task of revitalizing the client’s shoreline, creating a stable lake bottom and sandy beach area that is sure to provide enjoyment and recreation for years to come!

The Charms of Lake Diane

Before delving into the intricacies of the beach sanding project, it’s essential to appreciate the allure of Lake Diane itself. Spanning over 300 acres, the man-made Lake Diane is an all-sports lake located in Hillsdale County. Whether it is fishing, boating, sports, or simply unwinding by the water’s edge, the serene lake provides something alluring for every single one of its residents. Currently, it is home to some who live there part-time, and others who live there on a full-time basis. 

Beach Sanding with the Sand Pro System

The Sand Pro System bringing water from the lake, mixing the sand, and pumping it back down to the beachfront for the new beach installation.

Upon arrival at the job site, we inspected the area in which our customer wished to install their beach. We zoned the area and marked the perimeter of the project off, which covered about 800 square feet in area, and immediately got to work laying the geo-textile landscape fabric. As with most of our beach sanding jobs, the star of the show was really our proprietary Sand Pro System. This is unique to TT&C Beaches, as it allows us to pump a slurry of sand and water mix directly into our clients’ beach area without ever having any heavy machinery cross the property! The process is fairly straightforward: First, we load the beach sand into the Sand Pro System. Then, we extend the blue and red hoses down to the waterfront and began to pump water out of the lake (via the blue hoses) and into the Sand Pro’s container system. In the container, a sand/water slurry mix is formed, which is then pumped back into the designated space in the lake via the red hoses. In the water, our crew eagerly awaits the deposit of the slurry mixture to evenly distribute and spread it out across the lake bottom. The major benefit of this is that it creates a sturdy and stable lake bottom, which is not only comfortable underfoot (after all, who likes to sink in muck?), but also has the practical application of not allowing weeds to grow thanks to the thick geo-textile landscape fabric. 

As a leading provider in beach installation and maintenance services, TT&C Beaches (aka “Beach in a Day!”) can truly make your waterfront property dreams a reality. We completed this job in just under four hours from set-up and start to clean-up and finish! Using state-of-the-art techniques and environmentally friendly practices, we specialize in preserving and enhancing the natural beauty of our clients’ lakefront and beach spaces. Now that Spring has sprung and Summer is just around the corner, don’t hesitate to contact us today for a free beach evaluation and estimate! 

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