Creating a Lakeside Dream: The Little Walters Lake Wedding Beach Project

The  town of Clarkston, Michigan is a location filled with picturesque landscapes and dotted with pristine lakes and age-old trees, inviting both residents and visitors alike to revel in nature’s beauty. Amidst this natural splendor lies Little Walters Lake, a pristine body of water that recently served one of our most intricate and heartwarming projects to date.

Our mission was clear, yet unique: to transform a 600 square-foot shoreline into a beach that would set the stage for a wedding. While every beach we create for our clients is special, knowing that this particular beach would bear witness to such a momentous occasion added an extra layer of significance to our work.

However, upon arrival at the project site, we realized that this wasn’t going to be our regular shoreline beach job. The shoreline, though naturally beautiful,  was riddled with deeply entrenched roots, making the digging process quite a challenge. Our shovels took the brunt of the struggle, with many of our pointed shovels breaking in our attempt to cut through the deeply embedded roots. But, as they say, love conquers all—even stubborn roots!

After successfully excavating the project site, we installed an underlying layer of good quality landscaping fabric, a crucial step in ensuring that our beach remained pristine and free from intrusive weeds. This fabric barrier not only fortified the beach, but also promised longevity for the many memories this family was going to make in this unique space. 

Finally, we were ready to bring in the sand! If you are ever curious about what the best types of sand are for Michigan beaches, check out our in depth beach sand article!

With the arrival of our dump truck, our team diligently transported the sand using trusty wheelbarrows and delivered it to the site, with each trip bringing us one step closer to our vision of the perfect shoreline beach.

Adding to the romantic setting, we carved out a special space for a fire pit, with the hope that this cozy nook would be the future site of many stories and memories for years to come. 

After nearly 5 hours of dedication, sweat, and determination, our vision came to life. The once rugged, root-ridden shoreline on Little Walters Lake had been transformed into a soft, welcoming beach, awaiting the footprints of two people about to embark on life’s greatest journey together. And we, with our broken shovels, played a small part in their ‘forever’. 

beautiful completed shoreline sandy beach, complete with fire pit on Little Walters Lake in Michigan.

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