Transforming Shavehead Lake Shoreline: The Beach Sanding Job in Cassopolis, MI

Shavehead Lake, nestled in the scenic town of Cassopolis, Michigan, is a hidden lakeside gem that draws residents and tourists alike with its pristine waters and picturesque surroundings. However, as with all waterfront properties, a beautiful shoreline requires maintenance and the proper installation of a solid lake bottom in order to be functional, aesthetically pleasing, and enjoyable for its residents. Recently, our team took on a challenging residential beach sanding job that spanned 800 square feet, to provide the homeowners with lakefront property that had a secure, muck-free lake bottom

The Benefits of Beach Sanding 

As previously mentioned, beach sanding is a crucial task for preserving the aesthetics and comfort of any lakeside property. Over time, natural forces can disrupt the lake bottom, causing muck and debris to accumulate leaving behind rocky and uneven terrains. Proper beach sanding ensures a stable lake bottom which makes activities like swimming and dock installation more enjoyable and successful long-term. Getting rid of muck and stabilizing a lake bottom on your own is possible, however, as professionals in the business who are dedicated to jobs like this day in and day out, we are able to complete the installation without ever having a vehicle cross your lawn. More on this below.

Tools of the Trade

The Sand-Pro System™

The heart of this project (and many other jobs) was The Sand-Pro System™, an innovative, one-of-a-kind tool designed to efficiently spread sand on a beach. Our patented mechanical apparatus pumps a slurry of sand and water via industrial hoses which cross your property so that vehicles don’t have to! In a nutshell, a truckload of sand is loaded into the system, water is pumped out of the lake into the mixing container (located at the back of the machine) until the desired consistency of the slurry is achieved. After this, the mixture is then pumped back into the specified area creating a stable lake bottom once evenly spread.

Landscape Fabric

Using a geo-textile fabric layer over the bottom of the swimming/dock area creates a barrier for weeds, much like ground cover under a garden bed. After this is installed, we can pump a sand and water slurry overtop and spread it evenly thereby creating a stable lake bottom that is both muck and weed-free!

Dump Truck

Our 800 square foot job on this resident’s lakefront property required a substantial amount of sand for our Sand-Pro System™. Therefore, a heavy-duty dump truck was required to transport the sand with ease and reduce logistical challenges for the crew.

Sand Hoses

The network of hoses hooked up to The Sand-Pro System™ were carefully run alongside the residential property in order to transfer the sand slurry down to the waterfront. However, the unique challenge for this particular project was running the hoses over the resident’s rock wall landscaping, which required a delicate touch to avoid damage.

Materials Used


High-quality beach sand was the primary material used in the project. Typically, we use Mason sand for its fine texture, natural color, and superior drainage properties, but there are definitely benefits of different sand types


A sand/pea stone mix was utilized for this job to further fortify the shoreline. This small, rounded stone is used to create a protective barrier against wave action, helping the sand to become more resistant to erosion. 

Installing the Lake Bottom Beach

Perhaps the most significant advantage of beach sanding is the transformation of the lake bottom into a muck-free, sturdy foundation. As waves and water currents constantly move sediments, lakes can accumulate muck or silt over time. This can not only be unsightly but can also have adverse ecological impacts, affecting water quality and aquatic life. Beach sanding eliminates the muck by spreading sand over the lake bottom, providing a stable, clean foundation.

Some of the Benefits of Muck Mitigation Include

  • Improved Water Quality: Removing muck from the lake bottom contributes to improved water clarity and quality. It reduces the suspended particulate matter in the water, creating a more appealing and healthier aquatic environment.
  • Enhanced Recreational Activities: With a stable and muck-free lake bottom, swimming, boating, and water sports become more enjoyable. Swimmers no longer have to contend with unpleasant muck underfoot, and boaters can anchor more securely.
  • Ecological Benefits: A stable lake bottom promotes the growth of beneficial aquatic plants and reduces the habitat for undesirable invasive species. This supports the lake’s overall ecological health.

In Conclusion

The beach sanding job for our customer on Shavehead Lake is a testament to the dedication and professionalism of our shoreline maintenance crew. This project helped restore the beach’s natural beauty, while giving the residents a safe and enjoyable place to swim and dock their boat. The unique challenge of working around the resident’s rock wall landscaping showed our crew’s adaptability, and none of this would have been possible without our trusty Sand-Pro System™.

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